11850-026  MicroTCA.4 Chassis with RTM Slots



MicroTCA.4 Chassis with 12 mid-size RTM slots



MicroTCA.4 Chassis Rear view



Backplane Topology

9U MicroTCA.4 Chassis with 12 double mid size AdvancedMC Slots and 12 double mid-size RTM Slots
The new Schroff 9U MicroTCA.4 chassis provides 12 double mid size AMC slots and 12 double mid size rear transition module slots. It is compliant to the xTCA specification PICMG Physics WG1. The system has two MCH slots and four power module slots. The one dust filter is exchangeable from the front.

The System has two redundant hot-swap fan trays for high-precision AMC cooling and RTM cooling. The speed of the fans is separate adjustable for the front and rear.

Product Specification

9U MicroTCA.4 system, front handles, PICMG MicroTCA R1.0 and PICMG MTCA.4 R1.0 compliant

12 double mid size AMC slots

12 double mid size Rear Transition Module slots

2 MCH slots

4 power module slots

2 redundant hot-swap fan trays

One dust filter, exchangeable

System depth: 373.30 mm

Operating temperature range -5 .. +45C

2 years warranty



Ordering Information



MicroTCA system with 12 double mid-size AMC slots and 12 double mid-size RTM slots



Double mid-size Front Panel, screw-in



Double mid-size RTM Filler Module, screw-in

  AM 90x/x1x

2,5GHz Core i7, 16GB RAM, DisplayPort, USB 3.0, COM, SSD Slot AMC CPU


NAT-MCH, 16 GbE, PCIe x4, special physics clock module, double full-size


NAT-MCH, 16 GbE, PCIe x4, 80 PCIe Links, special physics clock module, double full-size



MCH with GbE and PCIe x4 for 12 AMC modules



1000W AC power module



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