EBX, EPIC, Mini-ITX, PC/104





LittleBoard 735  EBX Board with Intel Atom N270 processor, up to 2 GB RAM, dual graphics, Mini-PCI socket, GbE, 10/100BaseT, EIDE, SATA, RS232/422/485, CompactFlash, audio, Parallel/Floppy, available in -20C .. +70C and -40C .. +80C version




ReadyBoard 850  EPIC Board with socket P for Intel Core 2 Duo processor, up to 4 GB RAM, dual graphics, GbE, SATA, RS232/422/485, HD audio, available in 0C .. 60C and -20C .. +70C version


Mini ITX


MI-110  Mini ITX board with Intel Atom single core N270 processor, up to 2 GB RAM, VGA and DVI, GbE, SATA, IDE, RS-232, USB, audio, PCI and PCIe Mini Card slot, CompactFlash type 2 slot





CoreModule 430  PC/104 module with Vortex processor, 256 MB RAM, parallel/floppy port, Ethernet, USB, EIDE, CompactFlash, RS-232/422/485, keyboard/mouse port, available in -20C .. +70C and -40C .. +85C version


CoreModule 745  PC/104 module with Intel Atom N450 or D510 processor, up to 2 GB RAM, LVDS, VGA, GbE, SATA, USB, RS-232, RS232/422/485, 4GB onboard SSD, available in -20C .. +70C and -40C .. +85C version




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