11850-029  1U 4 Slot MTCA Crate with integrated eMCH



11850-029 MTCA System with 4 AMC Slots


11850-029 Topology

MTCA Crate with up to 40 Gbps data transfer rates
The Pentair 11850-029 MTCA crate is a closed 1U rack offering two single mid-size and two double mid size AMC slots and an integrated eMCH (embedded MicroTCA Carrier Hub). The eMCH comes with basic MicroTCA functionality for switching and managing two AMCs. Each AMC slot is connected to the MCH with GbE links.

The crate has an integrated 400W AC power supply with wide range AC input. The fan speed can be adjusted via the MCH. The crate is available with right to left air flow. It is stackable and ready for a mounting plate.

Product Specification

1U MTCA crate

2 double mid-size AMC slots

2 single mid-size AMC slots

2 double mid-size RTM slots

Integrated MCH with Ethernet uplink and USB interface

GbE links from MCH to all AMC slots

Fat pipe/extended fat pipe lanes prepared for 40GbE and PCIe Gen 3

Integrated 400W AC power supply with wide range AC input

Cooling unit with right to left air flow

Fan unit and air filter easy exchangeable

Dimensions: 373 mm (depth) x 265 mm (width)

2 years warranty



Ordering Information


1U MTCA.4 Crate, cooling unit, right to left air flow


AM G64/471

Processor AMC Module, Quad Core 3.0 GHz Intel Xeon E3-1505M v6, 16 GB RAM, double mid-size