11890-170  MicroTCA.4 Crate with JTAG Slot



MicroTCA.4 Chassis with RTM slots


Backplane Topology

9U MicroTCA.4 System with 12 double full size AdvancedMC Slots
The new Schroff 9U MicroTCA.4 crate provides 12 double full size AMC slots and 6 double full size transition module slots. One full size slot for one JTAG switch module (JSM) is also available. It is compliant to the xTCA specification PICMG MicroTCA.4 R1. The system has two MCH and four/two power module slots. The dust filter are exchangeable from the front. The system has a front to rear air flow. The backplane has a Dual-Star topology.

Product Specification

9U/84HP MicroTCA.4 crate, front handles, PICMG MicroTCA R1.0 and PICMG MTCA.4 R1.0 compliant

12 double full size AMC slots

6 double full size rear transition module slots

1 full size slot for one JTAG switch module (JSM)

2 MCH slots

4/2 Power module slots

2 hot swapp fan units with cooling unit manager (CU EMMC)

Dust filter, front exchangeable

Front to rear air flow

MTCA.4 backplane with Dual-Star topology

Opt. fan speed for front and rear range separately adjustable via the MCH

System depth: 373.30 mm

Operating temperature range -5 .. +50C

2 years warranty



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MicroTCA system with 12 double full-size AMC slots and 6 double full-size RTM slots, front to rear cooling


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