RackPak/SM2  2U 19" 8 Slot Simple MicroTCA System



RackPak/SM2 Simple MicroTCA system


RackPak/SM2A Backplane


RackPak/SM2 front view


Simple MicroTCA Support Module allows low cost systems


Simple MicroTCA: Focus on Standards!

Simple MicroTCA Chassis with 8 AdvancedMC Slots
The RackPak/SM2 Simple MicroTCA® system from powerBridge Computer is a 2U 19" rack offering 8 AMC mid-size slots. This rack operates without MicroTCA Carrier Hub (MCH) and Power Module (PM). The RackPak/SM2 system is a low cost platform for medical, industrial automation, transportation, military, and telecommunication applications.

The system has one CPU slot and 7 IO/CPU slots. One IO slot may carry a GbE switch AMC module (TAMC890).

The RackPak/SM2 includes a Simple MicroTCA Support Module (SSM) which covers the basic functions of MCH and PM: carrier management, PCIe switching, PCIe clock generation, power control functions, monitoring of temperatures, voltages, and fans. Furthermore the SSM provides two Gigabit Ethernet interfaces from the backplane on the front panel via RJ-45 ports. The system management interface is available via Fast Ethernet.

The system includes a 350W power supply. The dust filter and all three fan cartridges with a total of five fans are hot-swappable. The backplane supports AMC port 12-20 rear I/O for all slots. The system can be customized to your needs. An optional DC input power supply is also available. The chassis is available in combination with different AMC CPU modules, e.g. Adlink's AMC-1000, or Concurrent's AM 900.

Product Specification

2U 19" Simple MicroTCA system

8 mid size AMC slots, opt. up to 3 double mid size slots

GbE switch AdvancedMC slot

Simple MicroTCA Support Module with carrier management, Fast Ethernet management interface, line interface for 2 GbE ports from AMC slot 1, PCIe x8 to 8 x1 switch, PCIe clock generation, temperature, voltage and fan monitoring, MP generation, complete AMC slot management

350W power module with IEC mains plug

3 hot-swap fan cartridges with 5 fans

Dust filter, hot-swapp

IPMI 1.5 compliant, SNMP support

System depth: 350 mm

2 years warranty



Ordering Information


2U 19" Simple MicroTCA system with 8 mid-size AMC slots, 350W power module


2U 19" Simple MicroTCA system with 8 mid-size AMC slots, 350W power module, w/o switch slot



Filler panel, mid-size



Filler panel for 3 mid-size slots



Cable support kit



16 channel GbE Ethernet Switch, mid-size



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