MPC Medical

High-Resolution Surgical Microscope

Mobile, high-resolution, fully digital surgical microscope for stereoscopic viewing. It enables the live image to be augmented and brings together all the relevant information directly in the surgeon’s field of vision.

The computer system used offers the highest CPU and GPU performance for real-time processing of high data streams in compliance with all medical standards. Despite the extremely compact design, the high power loss of up to 2 kW is dissipated reliably and with a low noise level.

A motherboard with two Intel Xeon CPUs was chosen as the basis of the system. It enables the use of the latest nVidia GPU boards and can be easily adapted to changing performance requirements. A thermal simulation was carried out in advance: The result was an application-specific, compact chassis with optimized airflow and reliable cooling of the entire system.

The chosen solution makes the best possible use of the limited space available. The system concept allows the use of the latest CPU and GPU technology and permits subsequent expansion with new functions. At the same time, obsolescence management is simplified.

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