Industrial Automation

powerBridge Computer solutions are used in many industrial applications. These include test and simulation systems for the automotive sector, high-performance image processing systems, process control systems and a large number of machine controls. Our technologies provide the framework for reliable and durable products.

For industrial solutions, we offer our customers comprehensive support, from development systems to series products, such as consulting, prototypes, evaluation boards, drivers, and system and software integration.

Applications in industrial automation (under construction)



From researching the Big Bang to controlling accelerators to quantum computers, our systems are needed wherever research is being carried out into the future. With our decades of experience in this area, we create solutions for the trickiest applications so that scientists can concentrate on their field of research.

When the research community creates system solutions for its own needs, we are ready to bring these to series production and then make the products available to the market. This has already happened using the example of the MicroTCA platform, which was developed as a control system for the European XFEL accelerator.

Research applications

Medical Technology

Our computer systems are the basis for high performance, reliability and long product life in a wide range of medical applications. We supply the technologies for compact, state-of-the-art and high-performance medical computer equipment. Mobile X-ray devices, CT/MRT controls and manipulators are based on our products.

Our know-how in safety-critical applications in the medical field, combined with the reliability and long availability of our products, offers our customers investment security and is a guarantee for cost-effective and reliable solutions.

Medical applications


powerBridge Computer supplies commercial off-the-shelf products and system solutions for the special requirements of the telecommunications market based on standards such as AdvancedTCA, µTCA, AdvancedMC or CompactPCI. We offer modules and systems specially tailored to this area, which shorten development times for our customers and enable faster market access. Our systems are fully assembled and tested.

The modular design offers a high degree of flexibility and allows additional functions to be easily integrated. Typical solutions are speech recognition and processing systems, audio and video conference solutions, WLL and WIMAX base station controllers, test equipment and wireless applications as well as gateways (signalling, IP-to-ATM).

Telecom applications


We deliver from the module to the fully developed system in a variety of traffic engineering applications. We meet the increased requirements for temperature, shock and vibration resistance, or special requirements for the power supply: We have your solution. And the long-term availability of our products often extends beyond the project lifespan.

Applications in the rail sector include, for example, systems for station control, equipping track measuring trains or data loggers for high-speed trains. The applications in the area of control technology include computer and command center for traffic light controls and control rooms for use by the police, fire brigade and disaster control.

Transportation applications


As in defense technology, the aerospace industry also has high demands on computer systems. We at powerBridge Computer are proud to have contributed to all important German projects. This starts with computerized laboratory equipment for the European space laboratory of the ISS, test environments for the testing and approval of aviation systems to flight attitude controllers for unmanned missiles. Here, in some cases, products for extreme demands are used.

We offer our customers long product availability in combination with version control and defined EOL procedures.

Aerospace applications

Defense Technology

System solutions and components from powerBridge Computer and our partners are used in many military applications. We guarantee long product availability and maximum product reliability on the basis of standard products or with customer-specific products and designs. The range of applications includes high-performance data acquisition, radar, sonar, complex control computers and of course communication and simulation applications. The major suppliers in this area trust the reliability and long availability of our products. It does not matter whether COTS or hardened products are used.

We work with our customers to find a solution for every application. Requirements that go beyond the normal range, such as low noise levels, special temperature, shock or vibration resistance, protection against aggressive media or radiation are not unusual for us.