20836-447 4U VPX Chassis with 5 3U Slots and Rear I/O

44HP/4U VPX system with five 3U VPX slots and 5 Rear Transition Module slots. Pentair's 20836-447 has a VITA 46 backplane with full mesh topology and 0.8" pitch slots. A front mounted 19" 3U/8TE compatible power supply provides 250W and the power input module 110 .. 250VAC. The air flow is from the front to the back.


Technical Description

  • 44HP/4U system for 3U VPX boards
  • 3U VPX VITA 46 backplane slot pitch supports 0.8-inchh, full mesh topology
  • Five 3U front VPX slots, 160mm depth
  • Five 3U rear VPX slots, 80mm depth
  • 3U/16HP power backplane with two P47 connectors
  • 3U/8HP rear power entry module, 110 .. 250VAC
  • 250W 19″ compliant power unit (3U/8HP)
  • Cooling from front to the back of the system
  • 2 years warranty

Order Information


44HP/4U VPX system with 5 3U slots and rear I/O, 250W power supply

Technical Documentation

20836-447 Data Sheet