ADC 3117

ADC_3117 20 Channel 16bit ADC and 2 Channel 16bit DAC FMC Module

16bit ADC/DA converter with 20 ADC inputs up to 5 Msps, two DAC outputs and two fully programmable I/Os for use as clock references or trigger signals. Two front panel SDR connectors from 3M each provide 10 ADC input channels, 1 DAC output and 1 external trigger I/O. The ADC_3117 FMC module is based on the Linear Technology LTC2323-16/14.

The ADC inputs can operated in four different modes: Differential mode (selectable gain: ±10 V, ±5 V, ±2 V, ±1 V), single-ended bipolar mode (selectable gain: ±10 V, ±5 V, ±2V, ±1V), single-ended bipolar mode with offset (selectable gain: ±10V, ±5V, ±2V, ±1V), and single-ended unipolar mode (selectable gain: 0 to +10 V, 0to +4V, 0 to +2V).

The front-end can be fully calibrated in terms of both offset and gain with a dedicated calibration voltage that can be selected from different variable and fixed voltage sources and DAC outputs.


Technical Description

  • FMC module, VITA 57.1-2008 (FMC) complaint
  • 20 16bit LTC2323 ADC analog inputs with up to 5 MSPS
  • ADC inputs with differential mode, single-ended bipolar mode, single-ended bipolar mode with offset or single-ended unipolar mode
  • Two 16bit DAC8563T DAC analog outputs
  • Two programmable I/O (to be used as clock references or trigger signals)
  • Two 3M Shrunk Delta Ribbon (SDR) connectors
  • Onboard calibration reference voltage
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Low noise LDO for onboard ADC power supplies
  • Fully differential FPGA backend interface (LVDS)
  • SMBus interface to access to I2C EEPROM (256 kbit)
  • TOSCA FPGA design kit for Xilinx Virtex-6T and Kintex UltraScale FPGAs
  • 2 years warranty

Order Information


FMC Module, 20 Port ADC, 2 Port DAC


VHDL Reference Design Kit

Technical Documentation

ADC_3117 Data Sheet