ADC_3210 8 Port 14bit ADC FMC+ Module with 1,300/625 Msps

14bit 1.300/625 Msps AD converter with 4 or 8 analog inputs on the front panel through SSMC connectors. The FMC/FMC+ module is based on the analog devices ADC AD9695 with JESD204B read-out interface.

Each ADC channel can optionally be connected to a wideband digital down-converter (DDC) block, featuring decimation and low-pass / highpass / band-pass filtering as well as digital I/Q mixing.

Clock tree is implemented with a high precision on-board low jitter low phase noise clock controller LMK04616, fully programmable by the carrier-board. The clock reference source is selectable from front panel SSMC input, FMC/FMC+ clock source or from an on-board ultra-low phase noise VCXO / programmable XCO.

The ADC_3210 incorporates precise synchronization mechanism for the dual PLL on-board clock controller LMK04616 and/or ADC devices allowing to keep in phase several units.


Technical Description

  • FMC/FMC+ module, VITA 57.1-2008 (FMC) or VITA 57.4-201 (FMC+) compliant
  • Up to 8 14bit ADC analog inputs
  • Up to 1,300 Msps analog devices ADC AD9695
  • 10 SSMC front panel connector
  • JESD204B ADC read-out interface
  • Sophisticated clock tree distribution through onboard ultra-low phase noise VCXO / programmable XCO and high precision on-board low jitter low phase noise clock controller LMK04616
  • Temperature sensor monitoring through SMBus
  • Linux Software library
  • 2 years warranty

Order Information


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FMC Module, 8 Port 625 MSPS ADC


FMC Module, 4 Port 625 MSPS ADC

Technical Documentation

ADC 3210 Data Sheet