NAMC-8569-xE1 16 Channel T1/E1/J1 Communication Controller

8 or 16 E1/T1/J1 channels with front I/O and AMC.1 type 4, AMC.2 type E2, AMC.4 Serial RapidIO interface. A MPC8569 PowerQUICC III™ CPU with up to 1.33 GHz clock, up to 1 GB DDR2 SDRAM and up to 128 MB Flash is used as the local CPU and communication controller. The framer DS 26518 from IDT provides access to eight E1/T1 lines at the front panel. Each of the four or eight RJ45 ports in the front panel are occupied with 2 channels. The full size version can be equipped with an additional mezzanine board to count up the line interface to 16 E1/T1.

The four/eight Line interface can be configured by software as E1, T1 or J1. In addition to the I-TDM interface the TSI offers an optional 32 MHz H.110 alike TDM backplane interface. The TDM to I TDM Bridge is implemented by an Lattice FPGA. Eight LEDs in the front panel signal the line condition.

The NAMC-8569-xE1 from NAT supports telecom signalling protocols like SS7 as well as applications in ISDN, ATM VoIP and 3G environments. Support for OK-1 and Linux on request is available.


Technical Description

  • 8/16 E1/T1/J1 Channel Interface with Front or Rear I/O
  • AMC module with AMC.1 type 4, AMC.2 type E2, AMC.4 Serial RapidIO interface, mid size and full size form factor
  • 4 or 8 RJ45 ports in the front panel, reserved with each 2 channels
  • Up to 1.33 GHz PowerQUICC III MPC8569 processor with e500 Core
  • Up to 1 GB DDR2 SDRAM
  • Up to 128 MB Flash
  • I-TDM interface with 1024 bidirect. 64kbit/s channels
  • Opt. 32 MHz H.110 alike TDM interface
  • Lattice FPGA
  • PCIe x4 on port 4-7 or 8-11, or
    PCIe x1 on port 4 or 8, or
    SRIO x4 on port 4-7 or 8-11 (up to 3.125 Gb/s), or
    SRIO x1 on port 4 and 8 (up to 3.125 Gb/s), or
    PCIe x1 on port 4 and SRIO x1 on port 8 (up to 2.5 Gb/s)
  • 2 Gigabit Ethernet ports on port 0 and 1
  • Opt. MicroSD slot
  • 0°C .. 55°C operating temperature range
  • 24 W power consumption on 1.33 GHz CPU
  • 2 years warranty

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8 channel E1/T1/J1 AMC module


16 channel E1/T1/J1 AMC module


4 channel E3/T3 AMC module

Technical Documentation

NAMC-8569-xE1 Data Sheet

NAMC-8569-xE1 User Manual