RackPak/2 2U 19'' Rack mount Chassis with four 6U VME64x Slots

The Rackpak/2 is a 2HE 19" rack mount chassis with four VMEbus slots and four transition module slots. For additional signals the Backplane has a P0 connection. The chassis's cooling is managed by an exchangeable cooling module with two fans.

The System is available with one or two 250W removable power supplies.


Technical Description

  • 19″ VMEbus rack mount chassis, 2U, 277.5 mm depth, shielded
  • Front, soil and cover RAL 9005 painted
  • Four 6U VMEbus slots, VME64x backplane with P0 port, horizontal board mounting
  • Four 6U transition module slots in the rear
  • One or two 250W removable power supplies with integrated fan
  • Cooling module with 2 fans
  • Operating temperature range 0..40°C
  • 2 years warranty

Order Information


4 slot VMEbus chassis, VME64x, rear I/O, 250W power supply


250W removable power supply

Technical Documentation