RackPak/M12-01 MicroTCA System for 12 mid size AMC-Modules

12 mid size AMC slots with Dual-Star backplane. The system has two MCH and two PM slots. The chassis is completely assembled. Special configurations will be available.

Schroff's RackPak/M12-01 4U MicroTCA™ system has two hot-swap fan modules with cooling unit manager (CU EMMC). The cooling concept provides an air flow from front bottom to rear. The air filters are exchangeable from the front.


Technical Description

  • 4U/84HP MicroTCA crate, PICMG MicroTCA R1.0 compliant
  • 12 mid size AMC slots
  • Two power module slots
  • Two MCH slots
  • Two hot-swap fan modules with cooling unit manager (CU EMMC)
  • Airflow from front bottom to rear
  • Air filter exchangeable from the front
  • MTCA backplane with Dual-Star technology and direct connections for SATA / SAS
  • System depth: 296 mm
  • Operating temperature range 5..45°C
  • 2 years warranty

Order Information


MicroTCA system with 12 mid size slots


MicroTCA power module with polarity protection and overvoltage protection


MicroTCA power module

Technical Documentation

RackPak/M12-01 User Manual