TXMC639 FPGA Module with 16 16-bit Analog Inputs, 8 16-bit Analog Outputs and 32 Digital TTL I/O

XMC module with a programmable Kintex™ 7 FPGA with up to 16 differential 16bit ADC input channels, up to 8 single-ended 16bit DAC output channels, 32 digital TTL I/O and 1GB DDR3 SDRAM. Each input channel can operate at up to 1.5 MSPS and allows input voltage ranges of ±20.57 V, ±10.28 V or ±5.14 V. Each DAC output has a resolution of 16bit and the output voltage is configurable as ±10.0V, ±5.0V or ±2.5V. The 32 ESD-protected digital TTL I/O lines can also be configured as 16 TTL lines and 16 RS422 ports. The switching is done via the BCC (Board Configuration Controller).

The TXMC639 offers 4 multi-gigabit transceivers (MGT) via P16 and 64 FPGA I/O lines via P14 for customer-specific I/O extensions and inter-board communication. The P14 I/O lines can be configured as 64 single-ended LVCMOS25 or 32 differential LVDS25 interfaces. All front I/O lines of the module such as the up to 16 differential ADC inputs, 8 single-ended DAC outputs and the 32 ESD-protected digital TTL I/O lines are available via an ERF8 connector. The TXMC639-10R offers 8 ADC and 4 DAC channels. The TXMC639-11R has 16 ADC and 8 DAC channels.

The TXMC639 is delivered with an FPGA Board Reference Design (BRD). This is the standard content of the serial configuration SPI flash and is loaded into the user FPGA by default after power-up. The user FPGA can also be configured via the Board Configuration Controller or via a JTAG interface using the AMD Tandem method. User applications for the TXMC639 with AMD Kintex™ 7 FPGA can be developed using the design software Vivado™ Design Suite.

A wide range of drivers is available: Linux, LynxOS, Integrity, QNX, VxWorks and Windows. All drivers - except the Windows drivers - are supplied as C source code.


Technical Description

  • XMC module, PCIe 2.1 ANSI/VITA 42.3-2006 compliant
  • AMD Kintex 7 FPGA (XC7K160T-2FBG676l or XC7K325T-2FBG676l)
  • Serial Flash for FPGA configuration
  • 1 GB 32bit DDR3 SDRAM
  • Flash device programmable via JTAG and in-system
  • Front I/O lines:
    • Up to 16 differentielle 16bit 1,5MSPS ADC analog inputs
    • Up to 8 single-ended 16bit DAC analog outputs
    • 32 Digital TTL I/O or 16 TTL I/O-Leitungen and 8 RS422 Ports
  • Rear I/O lines:
    • 64 single-ended LVCMOS25 or 32 differential LVDS25 interfaces via P14
    • 4 Multi-Gigabit transeiver (MGT) via P16
  • -40°C .. +85°C operating temperature range
  • Integrity, Windows, Linux, QNX and VxWorks drivers available
  • 5 years warranty

Order Information


Kintex-7 XC7K160T FPGA XMC module, 8 analog-in, 4 analog-out


Kintex-7 XC7K325T FPGA XMC module, 16 analog-in, 8 analog-out


Integrity driver


VxWorks driver


Windows driver


Linux driver


QNX driver

Technical Documentation

TXMC639 data sheet

VxWorks driver user manual

LINUX driver user manual

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