XM 610/001

XM 610/001 XMC Carrier Module for two CFast Cards

XMC modules with two CFast type 1 sockets. One CFast card can be inserted and removed via the front panel. The module enables a quick and easy storage extension. The operating system support depends on the used host processor. The CFast I/O signals are available via Pn5.

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Technical Description

  • XMC module, VITA 42.0
  • PCI 2.0 compliant, PCIe x1 or PCIe x2 (Gen 1 and Gen 2) interface
  • 2 sockets for CFast type 1 cards up to SATA 3.0
  • One CFast slot accessible via front panel aperture
  • 4 Mbit SPI flash EEPROM with BIOS firmware to support OS Boot
  • Operating system support dependent on the host processor used
  • In 3 environmental classes available: standard (0°C .. 55°C), extended grade (-25°C .. +70°C), and (-40°C .. +85°C)
  • 2 years warranty

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XMC carrier module for CFast cards

Technical Documentation

XM 610/001 Data Sheet