ADC 3112

ADC 3112 4 Port 12bit ADC FMC Module with 900 Msps

12bit 900 (1000 with oversampling) Msps AD converter with 4 analog inputs on the front panel through SSMC connectors. The FMC module is based on the TI ADC ADS5409.

The four analog inputs are implemented through two SSMC high-frequency connectors configurable as DC coupled differential or single-ended. The high-speed (>1GHz) preamplifier stage, based on LT6409 device, supplies analog signals to the ADS5409 devices and to the analog trigger function.

The onboard clock tree is implemented with a high precision low jitter low phase noise clock fully programmable controller LMK04803B. The clock reference source is selectable from front panel SSMC CLKREF input, from the onboard ultra-low phase noise XCO/VCXO or from the VITA 57.1 CLK0_C2M LVDS signal.


Technical Description

  • FMC module, VITA 57.1-2008 (FMC) compliant
  • 4 12bit ADC analog inputs
  • 900 (1000 with oversampling) MSPS TI ADC ADS5409
  • Differential 100 Ohm DC inputs with >1GHz preamplifier
  • 10 SSMC front panel connector
  • Programmable ADC clock delay with <100[fs] resolution
  • Programmable analog trigger function: Trigger Time Tagging at 250[ps] resolution allowing equivalent time sampling up to 4 Gsps
  • Programmable clock tree distribution through onboard ultra-low phase noise VCXO/XCO and high precision on-board low jitter low phase noise clock controller LMK04803
  • Temperature sensor monitoring through SMBus
  • Linux software library
  • 2 years warranty

Order Information


FMC Module, 4 Port ADC, XCO 250 MHz


FMC Module, 4 Port ADC, VCXO 100 MHz


FPGA VHDL Reference Design Kit

Technical Documentation

ADC 3112 Data Sheet