NAMC-psTimer Fast and High Precision Timing System with pico seconds resolution

The NAMC-psTimer is designed timing systems for large installations such as the European XFEL (X-Ray Free Electron Laser) in Hamburg, Germany, but it can be used in a single stand-alone setup as well. Clocks and triggers are programmable and generated by a master module and distributed in a multi-star topology. All triggers within the entire timing system are synchronized with a jitter of approximately 10ps. The main purpose is to output triggers and clock signals which may be based on local Stand-Alone configuration or information provided by a global timing system installation.

In addition to the distribution of triggers and clocks the system is able to distribute data words and tables through its fibre distribution network. A precision 1.3GHz clock with modulated data is used on the fibre links. Receivers can recover both clock and data. Synchronized dividers are used to generate local clocks at the receivers. The receiver has 23 programmable outputs:

Trigger with delay,
Immediate or delayed trigger events,
Gates between trigger events,
Slow clocks,
Two different slow data protocols,
Fast data protocol.


Technical Description

  • Fast Timing AMC module, double mid size or double full size form factor
  • Can be used as a transmitter or receiver or gateway module
  • Precision clocks on TCLKA and TCLKB
  • Triggers, gates, clocks or data on M-LVDS ports 17 – 20
  • 3 RJ45 outputs at front panel with 2 triggers and one precision clock as LVDS signals
  • Trigger position: 0 .. 160ms delay, 1ns resolution
  • Trigger width: 0 .. 160ms, 10ns resolution
  • Precision clocks: 2.5 .. 650MHz
  • Clock and trigger jitter: ~10ps RMS
  • 4 front panel SFP ports, 2 transmitter channels, 1 receiver channel and 1 receiver/transmitter channel
  • Transmitter is implemented on a piggyback with 3 channels with or without drift compensation (order option)
  • 1 RJ45 front panel port for special I/O
  • Optional RTM with 9 Lemo connectors
  • Optional RTM with 9 SFP ports
  • Optional RTM with 9 ST connectors
  • 0°C .. 55°C operating temperature range
  • 2 years warranty

Order Information


AMC module with 1 trigger In and 1 trigger out, double mid size


Mezzanine submodule for NAMC-psTimer, increasing number of trigger inputs and outputs to a total of four


Double mid size RTM with up to 9 additional triggers


Double mid size RTM with up to 9 additional fibre Links

Technical Documentation

NAMC-psTimer user manual

NAMC-psTimer-RTM user manual