8 Channel 14-bit 100 MS/s PXI Express Digitizer

8-channel 14-bit digitizer with 100 MS/s. The PXIe-9848/9848H's analog inputs, with 100 MHz bandwidth and software-selectable 50Ω or 1MΩ input impedance, are designed to receive ±0.2V to ±2V high-speed signals. Because of the PXIe architecture, the PXIe-9848 can easily manage simultaneous 8-channel data streaming. Users can synchronize multiple PXIe-9848 digitizers to build a test system with up to 64 channels in a single 9-slot PXI Express chassis. The PXIe-9848 provides up to 512 MB onboard memory for massive data storage, enabling users to extend data acquisition for preset durations. The 8 analog inputs and the SMA connector for an external trigger input (TRG IN) are provided on the front panel. The PXIe-9848/9848H digitizer is ideal for applications such as LIDAR, radar signal acquisition, and PSU (power supply unit) test applications.

The PXIe-9848 offers a wide variety of trigger options and tight synchronization capability that maximize convenience of use. In addition, ADLINK offers the PXIe-9848H, a x15/x50 signal conditioning module that provides 8 simultaneous analog inputs and 15:1 or 50:1 attenuation ratio. It has been implemented with a solid product design and strict verification testing to ensure maximum performance, enabling the high dynamic performance of 63.5 dB SFDR and 55.5 dB SINAD, while supporting a high input voltage range of ±100V, making it the optimal solution for range extension in a PXI system.

Drivers are available for Linux and Windows.


Technical Description

  • 3U/1-slot PXI Express digitizer, PXI Express Rev. 1.0 compliant
  • 8 simultaneous 14-bit ADC analog inputs
  • 100MS/s sampling rate
  • Up to 100MHz bandwidth for analog input
  • Programmable input voltage range of ±0.2V to ±2V or ±100V
  • Overvoltage protection
  • 512MB onboard memory distributed over 8 analog inputs
  • Scatter-gather DMA data transmission
  • One SMA front panel connector front panel for external trigger input (TRG IN)
  • Full automatic calibration support
  • PCIe Gen1 x4 bus interface
  • 0 .. +55°C operating temperature range
  • 2 years warranty

Order Information


8 Channel 14-bit 100 MS/s PXI Express Digitizer


8 Channel 14-bit 100 MS/s PXI Express Digitizer with x15/x50 Attenuator

Technical Documentation

PXIe-9848 Data Sheet

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