TAMC260 AMC Carrier Board with one PMC Slot

AMC carrier board with one PMC module. The double full size TEWS TAMC260 allows to extend AdvancedTCA and MicroTCA systems with standard I/O functions. The board can use in industry applications although the needed I/O functions doesn't exit as AMC module.

Access to all PMC I/O lines is provided by 68 pin SCSI-V type connector mounted in the front panel or on P14.

A big variety of analogue I/O, digital I/O, field bus, motor controller and serial ports PMC modules is available in our product line.


Technical Description

  • AMC carrier board for 1 PMC module, PCI 3.0 compliant, 5V and 3.3V signalling voltage
  • AMC module with AMC.1 type 1 interface, double full size form factor
  • 32bit 66MHz PMC slot for IEEE 1386.1 compliant modules
  • P14 rear I/O via 68-pol. SCSI-V connector
  • IPMI interface
  • -40°C .. +85°C operating temperature range
  • 5 years warranty

Order Information


AMC carrier for 1 PMC module, 5V, full size


AMC carrier for 1 PMC module, 3.3V, full size


AMC carrier for 1 PMC module, 5V, mid size


AMC carrier for 1 PMC module, 3.3V, mid size

Technical Documentation

TAMC260 data sheet

TAMC260 user manual