TPMC316 Dual Conduction Cooled Extended CAN Bus Controller

Two complete CAN bus interfaces using two Bosch CC770 Rev. F CAN controller. Both CAN bus channels of the Conduction cooled PMC module are completely independent and support CAN specification 2.0 part A and B (standard 11-bit identifier and extended 29-bit identifier).

Each physical interface of the TEWS TPMC316 is optically isolated from the CAN controller and powered by an on board DC/DC converter and a voltage regulator. Two versions of physical interface are available: the TPMC316-10 supports CAN High-Speed, and the TPMC316-11 provides a RS485-modified interface. Solder pads allow enabling or disabling of the bus termination (disabled per default). The TPMC316 has no front panel. It uses P14 I/O with the same pin assignment as the TPMC816.

A wide range of drivers is available: Linux, Integrity, QNX, VxWorks and Windows. All drivers - except the Windows drivers - are supplied as C source code.


Technical Description

  • PMC module, 32bit/33MHz PCI interface, IEEE P1386.1 compliant, PCI 2.1 compliant
  • Two extended CAN bus interfaces, compliant to CAN specification 2.0 part A and B
  • Two Bosch CC770 Rev. F CAN controller
  • PIN and function compliant to Intel 82527 CAN controller
  • High-Speed and RS485-modified interface
  • Optical isolation
  • P14 I/O
  • Max. transfer rate 1 Mbit/s with max. 40m bus length
  • Linux, Integrity, QNX, VxWorks and Windows drivers available
  • -40°C .. 85°C operating temperature range
  • 5 years warranty

Order Information


2 channel extended CAN controller, high-speed interface, conduction cooled


2 channel extended CAN controller, RS485-modified interface, conduction cooled


PIM I/O module with HD-50 connector


Integrity driver


VxWorks driver


Windows WDM driver


LINUX driver


QNX 6 driver

Technical Documentation

TPMC316 data sheet

TPMC316 user manual

TPIM001 data sheet

TPIM001 user manual

VxWorks driver user manual

Windows WDM driver user manual

LINUX driver user manual

QNX 6 driver user manual