TPMC670 Insulated 8/16 Port 24V I/O Module

PMC module with 8 or 16 24V insulated digital inputs. The inputs are insulated in groups of four inputs. The input circuit ensures a defined switching point and protection against confusing the pole. All inputs have a common electronic debounce circuit with a freely programmable debounce time. All inputs can generate interrupts. The signal edge handling is programmable to interrupt on rising, falling or both edges of the input signal.

The TPMC670 has 8 or 16 digital high side switches isolated in groups of four. All outputs are protected against short circuit and thermal overload. The output drivers are capable of driving 0.5A continuous per channel. A hardware watchdog clears all outputs in case of trigger fail.

The TPMC670-1x provides front panel I/O, the TPMC670-2x provides P14 I/O.

A wide range of drivers is available: Linux, Integrity QNX, VxWorks and Windows. All drivers - except the Windows drivers - are supplied as C source code.


Technical Description

  • PMC module, 32 bit/33MHz PCI interface, IEEE P1386.1 and PCI 2.1 compliant
  • 8 or 16 24V inputs
  • Inputs in groups of 4 channels insulated
  • All inputs support IRQ, prog. signal edge handling
  • Progr. electronic debounce circuit, 7 µs to 440 ms in steps of 7µs
  • All inputs are protected against confusing the pole
  • 8 or 16 outputs, max. 48V, 0.5A
  • Outputs in groups of 4 channels insulated
  • Overload and short circuit protection
  • Watchdog timer resets all channels in case of trigger failure
  • Front panel or P14 I/O
  • -25°C .. +85°C operating temperature range
  • TPMC670-10/20: 254.108 h MTBF,
    TPMC670-11/21: 366.031 h MTBF
  • Integrity, Windows, Linux, QNX, and VxWorks drivers available
  • 5 years warranty

Order Information


16 24V inputs and 16 24V outputs, insulated, front panel I/O


8 24V inputs and 8 24V outputs, insulated, front panel I/O


16 24V inputs and 16 24V outputs, insulated, P14 I/O


8 24V inputs and 8 24V outputs, insulated, P14 I/O


1.8m cable with HD-50 connectors


50 pin terminal block with HD-50 connector


Connection kit 1.8m cable with HD-50 connectors and terminal blocks 50 pin with HD-50 connector


PIM module with 50 pin SCSI-2 type connector


VxWorks driver


Windows driver


LINUX driver


QNX 6 driver

Technical Documentation

TPMC670 data sheet

TPMC670 user manual

TPIM001 data sheet

TPIM001 user manual

VxWorks driver user manual

Windows driver user manual

LINUX driver user manual

QNX 6 driver user manual