NAT-AMC-TCK7 FPGA Module with 8 Fiber Optic Interfaces

AMC module featuring a Kintex-7 XC7K355T or XC7K420T FPGA. In default assembly option the FPGA offers 24 multi-gigabit transceivers, which support bit-rates up to 12.5 Gbit/s. Hardware support for PCIe Gen2 communication is contained as well on the NAT-AMC-TCK7 from NAT, hence the implemented x4 link can reach throughput of 20 Gbit/s. The module combines data processing power, memory, communications links and reference clock signals in a double mid size or double full size form factor. The module has a MTCA.4 zone 3 interface according to class D1.2.

The NAT-AMC-TCK7 has up to eight optical fibre SFP+ connections which provide low-latency connections to, for example, LLRF components. A reference clock signal can be received via a SMB connector. The module features a MicroUSB connector which provides access to diagnostic UARTs (RS232-via-USB). The debug interface enables low-speed data transmissions to the MMC and FPGA circuits.

The Zone 1 connector offers eight low-latency communication links. The two 1 GbE-channels and low latency links on ports 2 and 3 are available for the XC7K420T-FPGA only. The Zone 3 connection provides low-latency links to the RTM, general purpose parallel bus (LVDS levels), output signals (interlocks), reference clock inputs and outputs for GTX, and digital logic and other signals required by MTCA.4.

The product is end of life. If you have any questions, please contact us.


Technical Description

  • AMC FPGA module, double mid size or double full size form factor, AMC.1 type 4, AMC.2, MTCA.4 and IPMI 2.0 compliant
  • Xilinx Kintex-7 XC7K355T or XC7K420T FPGA
  • 16 GB DDR3-1066 SDRAM
  • Dual 256 Mbit QSPI flash
  • Up to eight 10Gbps SFP+ front panel ports
  • MicroUSB debug connector
  • SMB connector to receive reference clock signal
  • Backplane connection:
    • Dual 1GbE connect to port 0 and port 1
    • PCIe x4 Gen2 to ports 4-7
  • MTCA.4 class D1.2
  • Linux operating system
  • 12V / 6.5A (78W) power consumption
  • 0 .. +50°C operating temperature range
  • 2 years warranty

Order Information


AMC, Kintex-7 XC7K355T, double mid size

Technical Documentation

NAT-AMC-TCK7 data sheet

NAT-AMC-TCK7 user manual