NAT-MCH MicroTCA Carrier Hub

The MicroTCA Carrier Hub is the central management and data switching entity for all MicroTCA systems. The NAT-MCH is MTCA.0, MTCA.1 and MTCA.4 compliant. The NAT-MCH delivers switching functionality for the various system fabrics as defined in the AMC.x standard series, i.e. Gigabit Ethernet, PCIe-Express (PCIe Gen3), Serial Rapid I/O (SRIO Gen2), 10Gigabit Ethernet (XAUI) and Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) or SATA. The Gigabit Ethernet Switch provides a layer 2, non-blocking, low-latency Gigabit Ethernet switch, supporting VPN as well as a port based rate control.

The NAT-MCH incorporates as MicroTCA Carrier Management controller (MCMC) the Freescale ColdFire MCF54452 CPU. The MCH supports and manages 12 AMC modules, 2 cooling units and 1-4 power units. The MCH offers a GbE management port, a GbE port, clock I/O on a BNC port, USB console port and two uplink ports on the SRIO and XAUI version in the front panel. 10GbE (XAUI)-CX4/SFP+, 2,5GbE and 1Gb are available as option for the uplink ports.

A comprehensive software support like a Java based GUI (NATview) interfacing to the Open HPI top level API of the NAT-MCH completes the product and makes it an ideal choice for any AMC based MicroTCA solution.

The NAT-MCH-PHYS is ideal for use in our MicroTCA starter kits.


Technical Description

  • MicroTCA Carrier Hub, MTCA.0, MTCA.1 and MTCA.4 compliant
  • 200MHz Freescale ColdFire MCF54452 CPU with up to 64MB DDR2 RAM and up to 64 MB Flash
  • Management for 12 AMC modules, 2 cooling units and 1-4 power units
  • GbE management port and GbE port on the front panel
  • External clock I/O on a BNC port on the front panel
  • 2 fat pipe uplink ports with XAUI-10GbE-CX4/SFP+, 10GbE or 1Gb
  • USB console port
  • 16 status LEDs, 12 LEDs for AMC slots, 2 cooling unit LEDs and 2 LEDs for power units
  • 2 years warranty

Order Information






NAT-MCH, 16 GbE, PCIe x4, special Physics Clock module, double full-size


µRTM with 1.7 GHz Core i7-3517UE, 4GB RAM, 4 USB 3.0 and GbE


128 GB SSD for NAT-MCH-RTM-COMex-i7


Java based GUI for monitoring and supervising of MTCA systems


Java based GUI for monitoring and supervising of MTCA systems with SEL saver, FRU editor, e-keying viewer, link display

Technical Documentation

NAT-MCH data sheet

NAT-MCH user manual

NAT-MCH-Base user manual

NAT-MCH-Base-USB user manual

NAT-MCH-40G-XAUI user manual

NAT-MCH-Clk-Phys user manual

NAT-MCH-Clk-4x user manual

NAT-MCH-Clk-E1T1 user manual

NAT-MCH-Ethx user manual

NAT-MCH-PCIe user manual

NAT-MCH-SRIO user manual